Absolutely Fantastic!

Chris McCulloch - Owner/Operator, Harbor Dive Services
“This thing is absolutely fantastic! I can safely say that it has cut our cleaning time in half!”

Remora Aquatic Power Tool

Remora is a revolutionary new waterproof tool developed specifically for the underwater environment.

Remora Marine’s all-new SOLO – the first completely self-contained, fully submersible power tool, designed and engineered specifically to meet the rigorous demands found in underwater environments!

Originally developed to help professional divers maintain boat hulls, Remora’s reversible, variable-speed motor and patented impeller design makes boat, pool, tank or any in-water cleaning task easier and faster! Coupled with a series of interchangeable brushes designed exclusively for use with the Remora SOLO, underwater cleaning jobs are a snap.

  • The powerful gear motor delivers consistent power to proprietary Remora brushes, handling stubborn biofouling with ease
  • Long-lasting lithium battery packs make the SOLO completely safe and portable: no cumbersome hydraulic hoses or power cords
  • The down force created by Remora’s proprietary impeller hub design draws the SOLO to the surface to be cleaned, so more work gets done with far less user fatigue
  • Compact, ergonomic outer shell profile allows the user to comfortably guide SOLO effortlessly through the toughest jobs
  • Tough outer shell and key components are made of highest quality materials to handle daily use in harsh freshwater and saltwater conditions