Remora Solo

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The Remora SOLO is truly THE one-of-a-kind waterproof power cleaning tool, making underwater surface cleaning tasks a breeze. Tough enough to use in both salt- and freshwater environments, the completely self-contained, battery-powered SOLO makes operation safe and convenient with no cumbersome hydraulic hoses or dangerous power cords.

Easy to Use

  • Powerful gear motor provides ample torque for even the toughest cleaning jobs
  • Variable speed puts the operator in complete control of SOLO’s cleaning power
  • Reversible rotation equalizes brush wear to maximize brush life and allows for left and right hand operation
  • Ergonomic design allows for multiple ways to grip Remora, meaning less fatigue and greater comfort
  • Unique shape and adjustable buoyancy makes for versatile, effortless handling under water


Length Overall (with brush) 17.4 inches 441 mm
Maximum Width (no brush) 5.0 inches 126 mm
Maximum Height (with brush) 10.7 inches 272 mm
Brush Diameter 9.0 inches 229 mm
Weight (max) 8.5 lbs 3.85 kg
Power Supply 12 VDC, 9-20 Ah Battery  
Maximum Depth 20 feet 6 meters
Running Time Up to 6 hours