About Boat Hull Cleaning

All boat owners who keep their boats in the water for any length of time - whether in a slip, on a mooring, or on a trailer during the winter - are painfully aware of the need to keep their boats’ hull clean.

There are two basic ways to remove light to moderate biofouling. The less expensive and quicker method is to dive the boat regularly while it is in the water, often done by a commercial diver. Using a series of brushes, scrapers or abrasive pads, the diver can effectively remove marine growth. In addition to hull cleaning, a professional diver can also perform other important maintenance functions.

The other way to clean a boat hull is to remove the vessel from the water and pressure wash its hull. This process is much more expensive and time-consuming, and is typically done only when the boat is hauled for repair or for the application of new anti-fouling paint.