Awesome Tool!

Rick Bishop - Owner/Diver, Diving and Salvage
“Awesome tool…just added ten more years in the water to this old body.”

Super Cool Tool!

Robert Rice - Owner/diver, Dockside Diver
“Used it last month while cleaning a 80’+ Coast Guard Cutter.  It worked great!  Cleaned the entire hull in about 2 hours.  Mostly just soft slime buildup but it worked really well. Thanks for a super cool tool!”

So Much Fun!

David Laird - Owner/Diver, David Laird Dive Services
“This thing is so much fun to use, it should have slots to deposit quarters!"”

Absolutely Fantastic!

Chris McCulloch - Owner/Operator, Harbor Dive Services
“This thing is absolutely fantastic! I can safely say that it has cut our cleaning time in half!”